Project Team: Luis Arjona | Jonathan Craig
Peng Ting is a generative design exercise stemming from the project team's desire to create a python script capable of creating varying formal studies for an architectural typology. Choosing the column as our typology, we were interested in its historical evolution. The functional responsibilities of providing structural support were embellished through ornamentation and became a form of cultural expression. Using python scripting, we wanted to explore possible column formations using data sets to experiment with control and geometry.
Peng Ting was developed in a computational design course aimed at integrating code with architectural education. Beginning with the structure of Ezio Blasetti's script based on visualizing John Conway's Game of Life algorithm, Peng Ting pushed Blasetti's work to create organic geometries. The work's inspiration comes from Marc Fornes' office THEVERYMANY and their use of computation for self-supporting structures and pavilions. Peng Ting is capable of generating a new form with each execution. Though we were under no illusions that we were creating functional columns, the realized geometries offered a unique insight into codifying structures and the problems that persist in controlling outcomes through chance and rule sets.
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