Design Team: Luis Arjona | Kyle Berger 
Professor: Marcel Erminy
The Museum of Waste is located in the urban development of the Montrose District in Houston, Texas. The development sits in a parking lot between several restaurants and residential neighborhoods. The team proposed to create a structure that relates with landmarks around the area, Rice University, Hermann Park, and Downtown Houston to name a few. The concept of the building is driven by the battle between Man and Nature. Spaces are created by the location of the selected sites. Upon impact, the areas for service are erected, and with the negative space in between the axis are the public spaces. Servant versus served spaces creates the circulation and layout for the museum.
Personal Contribution: The team was equally responsible in developing the project from conceptualization. Developed parti diagrams and floor plans. Sections, modeling, and structural documentation were divided as a team.
Placed in top ten shortlist for Resource Based Design Competition. 
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